AC Fan-Related Issues That Can Make You Lose Your Cool This Summer

3 February 2020
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Summer weather encourages both adults and children to seek out sun-drenched activities to enjoy, but it also makes it necessary to have cool living spaces at home where you can sometimes go to escape the heat. But in order to ensure that the living spaces of your home will be reliably cool and comfortable, it is important to ensure that your air conditioner system is in good repair.

Homeowners who appreciate summer weather but want to be able to enjoy the cool comfort of a working air conditioning system will want to be sure that the air conditioner's fan system is working properly. 

If you are unsure what signs might indicate a looming issue with your air conditioning system's fan, this information will help. 

The fan's motor

Before your air conditioner's fan can function, it first must have a motor to supply power for each cycle of operation. Common signs that the fan motor is under stress and subject to failure include: 

  • The fan runs, but not at its normal speed
  • The fan is increasingly noisy when operating or when switching on or off
  • The fan's operation is associated with buzzing or rattling sounds from the condenser unit 

Air conditioning fans that exhibit any of these signs or other less common changes in the way they operate are showing signs of wear that will eventually cause them to become completely inoperable if they are not quickly repaired or replaced. 

The fan's belt

Another common air conditioning fan problem that should not be ignored is when the fan belt becomes worn and loose. When this occurs, the tension that causes the fan to rotate becomes lessened and the fan blades are unable to rotate at their proper speed. 

As the belt continues to loosen, the fan will continue to slow until it stops completely and the air conditioner will cease to be able to cool the home. Vibrations and slower fan speeds may also be seen when belt wear is advanced. Homeowners who notice any fan belt or speed issues should schedule repairs as quickly as possible. 

Air conditioner fans can also experience issues with their capacitors, switches, and fan blades. Even too much dirt or grime buildup on the blades or fan motor can cause it to malfunction. At the first sign that your air conditioning system is no longer moving cool air throughout your home as efficiently as it once did, consider contacting an air conditioning repair contractor to check the fan and its components and make any necessary repairs.