Upgrading Your Existing AC Unit

14 April 2020
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The AC unit that cools your home is easily the most important HVAC component when hot weather arrives. Yet, it is a reality that these systems may need to be replaced or upgraded in order to keep the home a pleasant place to be.

Will A New AC Unit Be Able To Increase The Value Of Your Home?

Upgrading the air conditioning unit that cools your home can be an upgrade that may prove to make the property more attractive to potential homebuyers. This is especially true when the previous air conditioner was more than a decade old, suffering from performance problems or otherwise struggling to keep the house cool.

What Are The Most Important Considerations For A New AC Unit?

There are a large number of factors that must be reviewed before you can determine whether a particular air conditioning unit will be suitable for your home. Some of these factors can involve the energy usage that the air conditioning unit will require as you may need to make electrical upgrades for the home to be able to meet these needs. Furthermore, the amount of square footage that the unit can cool should always be given heavy consideration as this will determine whether the unit can effectively cool a space the size of your home's interior living spaces. If your home has multiple floors, you may also need to install a unit with a particularly strong blower so that the cooled air will have enough force to be able to reach the upper floors.

Does It Matter Where The AC Unit Is Installed?

In addition to putting ample thought into the particular air conditioning unit that you choose, it is also important to be aware of the position where it will be located. This is important as some locations may make it harder for the unit to function at peak efficiency. One common example can be choosing to place the unit in a shaded area or even on top of the home rather than on the ground. Shading can limit the amount of heat the unit absorbs from the sun, and placing it on the roof can make it easier for the unit to distribute air throughout the home's interior. If you choose to place the unit on the roof, it can also be necessary to have a plan for how to reach the unit to work on it as there may be basic repairs or maintenance that will need to be done to the unit.

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