So You Have Plumbing Leaks Hard To Locate? 3 Quick Plumbing Tips To Help

15 April 2022
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Some water leaks are subtle and can be quite difficult to detect. In addition to wasting water, undetected leaks may cause damage to your home. The damage caused by leaks can be expensive to repair in addition to being an inconvenient and unplanned expense. An expert plumber is equipped to help fix leaks and prevent further damage. Here are three tips to help you locate leaks in your residence:

Keep Track of Your Water Bill

Monitoring your water bill will help you identify inconsistencies. If your water bill suddenly rises, it would be prudent to investigate the reason for the rise. If you find that the water supplier has not increased their billing rates and your consumption behavior has not changed, then it means that you probably have a leaking faucet. A thorough examination of the pipes may reveal a leak. It is advisable to have an experienced plumber fix your pipes to avoid regular leaks that necessitate frequent repairs.

Check Your Water Meter

When using your water meter to monitor leaks, you must first be aware that our water meter should only run if your taps are flowing. To test for leaks, you need to first turn off all the faucets. Check If even after turning off all the water outlets you still can see the reading on the water meter changing. If yes, then this is a sign that your plumbing system is leaking water. In some cases, the change on the meter may be gradual and therefore not detected immediately. In such cases, leaving the taps off for a few hours will give you a more accurate picture. These leaks are likely hidden, and you will need the services of an experienced plumber to examine the piping system and perform repairs.

Carry Out the Toilet Dye Test

One of the simpler tests you can run to check for water leaks in the toilet is the toilet dye test. Pour some dye into the toilet tank and wait like 30 minutes or so. You can also use food color to run the test. If you observe colored water in the bowl after the allotted time, it indicates that water is leaking from your tank even without flushing. And this is where a plumber comes in to locate the leak better and repair it.

If any of these tests reveal a water leak, you should talk to an experienced plumber to get more info. It will save you from paying unnecessary water bills and repairing water leak-related damages to your house. It will also help you preserve and prolong the lifespan of your plumbing.