A New AC Installation Is A Complex Job That Might Take All Day

8 August 2022
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If summer's coming to a close and you doubt your AC will make it through another season, it's time to think about getting a new AC installed. If all of your HVAC equipment is the same age, you may also want a new furnace installed at the same time since they share an air handler. AC installation is a complex job, but fortunately, all you have to do is stay out of the way and let the contractor do all the work. Here are some things to know.

Your AC Equipment Might Be Recycled

Your contractor has to pull out all of the old equipment before they install your new AC. They might dismantle the parts as much as possible so they can be recycled. Since your air conditioner has a lot of metal, a big part of it can be recycled so the metal can be used for something else.

Refrigerant might also be recycled unless your AC is old enough to have refrigerant that's no longer allowed to be used. In any case, a licensed HVAC professional has to recycle, reclaim, or dispose of refrigerant properly so it won't harm the environment.

You Might Get To Keep Your Old Ducts

You might save money by using your old ducts with your new AC, but the contractor has to run calculations to make sure your old ducts are the right size for your new equipment. Plus, your old ducts will need to be in excellent shape. You might even eliminate the old ducts completely by getting a heat pump air conditioner and heater, but then you'll need the contractor to install blowers on the walls.

An AC Installation Involves Several Parts

Whether you get a new furnace or not, your contractor will install several new parts with your new AC. The condenser has a compressor, fan with motor, capacitor, contactor, wiring, and condenser coil. The evaporator coil is installed in the air handler indoors. The drip pan under the evaporator coil is connected to a condensation drain that leads to the outdoors. Plus, the contractor has to hook the AC up to the thermostat.

If you also get a new furnace, the contractor installs a new electric or gas furnace along with a new blower and blower motor. You'll also get all new air handler parts, such as a new capacitor, safety switches, and control panels. The contractor may also upgrade the thermostat if all your other equipment is new.

The contractor might be able to install the new equipment in a single day, although it may take all day. Two days might be required if they run into problems they didn't anticipate. Since you could be without air conditioning all day, you may want to wait until the hottest days of the season have passed before scheduling your new AC installation.

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