The Benefits Of Signing Up For An AC Service Contract

30 November 2022
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When you have a new air conditioner installed, your installer will often ask you if you want to sign up for an AC service contract. Under such a contract, you'll generally get routine care and maintenance, sometimes along with a discount on repairs. Should you sign up for such a contract? In most cases, doing so is a good idea because it comes with the following benefits. Your AC system will last longer. Read More 

Why Air Conditioning Installation Is A Worthy Investment In Commercial Property Refurbishment

10 November 2022
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Are you looking to get more from your aging commercial property with a refurbishment? There are new features and technologies you can use to update a property. But one of the most important, and often overlooked, aspects is the HVAC system. A well-designed and properly installed ducted air conditioning system can make all the difference in terms of comfort, energy efficiency, and even resale value. Here are some reasons you should invest in a suitable air conditioning installation:  Read More 

Air Conditioning Repair: Why Is My Air Conditioner Frozen?

24 October 2022
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Enjoying the benefits of an AC during hot days can be short-lived if your unit starts to freeze up. This can be a very frustrating problem; thankfully, once you call air conditioning repair services, they'll get to the root of the problem and restore comfort at your residence. Ensure to resist any urges to attempt DIY repairs as you wait for the professional to arrive; you might worsen the underlying problem. Read More 

3 Benefits Of Engaging A Licensed Contractor For AC Installation

30 September 2022
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Hiring an AC installation professional is not cheap, and sometimes you might wonder if you really need their services. But before you dismiss the idea of hiring professionals and start a DIY AC installation process, it is important to understand what you will get when you hire a licensed contractor for your AC installation needs. The article will discuss three things that a licensed professional will offer. 1. Recommend the Right AC Unit Read More 

Heating Contractor: 4 Causes Of Ignition Problems Your Contractor Can Resolve The Problem

15 September 2022
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If you have an ignition problem with your HVAC system, it can be frustrating not knowing the root cause. Is it a faulty part? Or perhaps you need a whole new system. Before you start panicking, know that there are a few issues that commonly cause ignition problems. This article explains four of them so you can better understand what's causing the issue—and, more importantly, how the heating contractor can help fix it. Read More