Why Is Your Air Conditioning System Making Noise?

30 December 2020
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Old air conditioning units are generally pretty noisy. However, today's units are much more efficient and quieter. They are equipped with technology that ensures that they do not make loud noises. Therefore, if you notice unusual noises coming from your air conditioning unit, it is imperative that you do not ignore them, as they are a sign that there is a problem. Keep reading to learn some of the most common noises that your AC may make and why your unit is making them. Read More 

How Mowing Your Lawn Could Lead To The Need For Air Conditioning Repair

30 November 2020
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When you're mowing the grass on a hot day, you may not give any thought to your air conditioning unit outdoors. Your only thought of air conditioning might be related to how good your cool home will feel once you've finished mowing. However, if you're not careful about how you mow around your AC, you might accidentally cause damage. Here's a look at how mowing your yard could lead to the need for air conditioning repairs. Read More 

Why Your Air Conditioner Keeps Turning Itself On And Off

2 November 2020
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Is your air conditioner short cycling or, in other words, turning itself on and off repeatedly? Then you are probably struggling to keep your home cool on hot days. Worse, your energy bills will increase and the parts in your air conditioning unit will wear out more quickly than usual. Unless you have accidentally set your air conditioner's timer to turn on and off at random intervals, then it isn't normal for an air conditioner to turn on and off by itself. Read More 

Does Your Furnace Need To Be Replaced? Here’s What You Need To Know

27 October 2020
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A new furnace is a large investment in your home. Here's everything you need to know about when yours needs to be replaced and why. How long does a gas furnace last? How long your gas furnace lasts depends entirely on you and how well you take care of it. According to the San Francisco Gate, without proper maintenance, a gas furnace might only last ten years, while a well-maintained one could last up to 25 years or more. Read More 

Two Important Parts Of Air Conditioning Maintenance That Help Your Home Stay Cool All Summer Long

24 September 2020
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It's not too difficult to keep up with air conditioning maintenance, and the effort you put in results in a longer life for your AC and a reduced risk of malfunctions and breakdowns. Proper maintenance is a combined effort between you and an air conditioning maintenance professional who provides an annual tune-up. Here are two important things you can do to keep your AC in good shape and running efficiently. Read More