3 Benefits Of Using Radiant Heating Under Your Floors

10 November 2014
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In new home construction, radiant heat is now seen as a viable alternative to traditional forced air heating methods. If you have the choice about what kind of heating method you are going to use in your home, you may want to consider the following benefits of radiant heat.

Your Home Will Feel More Comfortable

One of the drawbacks of forced air heat is that the warm air is blowing on you. It can cause you to feel too hot if the heat is on, or too cold when it is not on. Even with newer furnaces with 2 stage fans that claim to be more comfortable, they are still dependent on forced air.

With a radiant heating system, you will experience a type of heat that is more comfortable than anything you have experienced before. As the hot water travels through the pipes beneath the floor, the heat will radiate upward. This is a more efficient way of heating, as the heat will stay closer to the floor where you walk, instead of up near the top of the room.

The flow of heat is constant with radiant heating, as opposed to forced air heat, which will often cause you to feel a fluctuation throughout the day.

Your Home's Air Will Be Cleaner

Forced air heating will cause the air to move around your house. Dust will circulate through the return air vents, and come back out through your ductwork. This can make it less comfortable for those with allergies, or people who have pets that shed frequently. Radiant heat avoids the need to have air constantly flowing, which will avoid unnecessarily moving dust around.

Each Room of Your Home Has Temperature Controls

Another drawback of forced air heat is that it is an all or nothing heating method. The entire home is heated to the same temperature, with the only option being to close vents and cut off all heat to a room. This is not the case with radiant heating.

Parts of your home will be sectioned off into zones, with an individual thermostat controlling them. This allows you to set the temperature for each zone, making it as comfortable as you want without disturbing other people in your home. It can also save on energy, as you will not need to heat rooms of your home you are not actively using.

By knowing about these three advantages of radiant heating, you can make an informed decision about if you want it for your home. For more information, contact Perry Heating Cooling or a similar company.