Cool It Off! 4 Mistakes You Could Be Making With Your HVAC System

25 April 2016
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Have you noticed that your air conditioning system is not working as well as it should? Did you realize that you could actually be causing the problems without even knowing it? Believe it or not, there are some mistakes that many people make that can wreak havoc on a HVAC system. The following are some things that you could be doing that cause problems for your air conditioning system:

HVAC That Is Too Large For Your Space

Many people often believe that anything bigger is always better. When it comes to your HVAC, the opposite would be true. A system that is too big for your space will result in it constantly turning itself on and off throughout the day. This can make the air conditioner work too hard and wear out prematurely.

Not Having The HVAC Maintained Consistently

With a hectic schedule, it can be really easy to overlook your HVAC maintenance schedule. You may not even call for an inspection until there is a problem. This system is one of the most hardworking aspects of a space, so regular maintenance is key. Ideally, a professional should check the system before each warm and cold season. You must also check and change the filters on a monthly basis. In dusty climates, you may even need to change it more often.

Keeping The Thermostat Too Low

Many people make the common mistake of keeping the thermostat very low in order to cool a space more quickly. Yes, it will cool the home, but it will not make cooler any faster than if you set it at a higher temperature. HVAC systems can only cool at one speed no matter what temperature it is set to. It can have an adverse effect of causing more wear on the system. If you maintain your thermostat at the same temperature at all times, it will eventually self-regulate.

Closing Off Vents

You may think that if you close off air vents to rooms you are not currently using, you will have cooler temperature in the rooms you are using. While closing off vents will force more air into the rest of the building, it can cause problems for the air pressure in the system. If you close too many vents, the air pressure will rise and cause leaks in the ducting along with other mechanical issues.

Maintaining your HVAC properly will ensure that your system will last for many years. This is a major investment, so it is crucial that you have a professional inspect the system regularly. Contact a company like HVAC & R Solution for more info.