Taking Care Of Your HVAC During Vacation

22 July 2018
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The next time you are leaving for a vacation, ensure you have taken measures to care for your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system while you are away. Here are some of the measures to consider.

Install a Surge Protector

If you don't have a surge protector for your HVAC system, then you should have one installed before leaving for your extended vacation. This is because you will not be able to unplug the system during storms, lightning storms or power fluctuations, and a power surge can fry the system. You can either install a power surge just for your HVAC system or install a whole-house surge protector.

Replace the Air Filters

The main purpose for the air filters is to clean the air entering the HVAC system so that it isn't clogged by dirt and debris. A clogged system will not only lose its efficiency, but it can also overheat and malfunction. Therefore, if your air filters are due for a replacement, do it before leaving for your vacation.

Clean the HVAC

As hinted above, accumulation of dirt or debris is not good for your HVAC system. This is because efficient air circulation is necessary or your HVAC system's efficiency by facilitating air movement and heat exchange. Debris accumulation on various parts of the system will interfere with air circulation and hence HVAC efficiency. Therefore, clean the system (particularly the coils and outside unit) before leaving for vacation.

Ensure All Vents and Registers Are Open

Some people think they can lower their heating or cooling bills by closing some air vents or registers, for example, if there is no one in the house. Unfortunately, your HVAC system is designed to work with all the vent and registers open. Closing some of these openings will create an imbalance or air pressure in the house and may even encourage mold growth in some parts of the house due to excess humidity. Therefore, ensure all the vents and registers are open before you leave.

Ensure All Doors and Windows Are Closed

Whereas all the vents and registers should be open when you are away on vacation, it's a different issue for the doors and windows because they should remain closed. Otherwise, you will be losing conditioned, or heated air and your HVAC will be overworking. Don't forget that an overworking HVAC is likely to break down sooner rather than later.

Install a Smart HVAC

Lastly, it may also be a good idea (though not necessary) to install a smart thermostat before going on vacation. Such a thermostat can be controlled remotely which means you don't have to worry about maintaining a wrong temperature setting if you forget to do it right before leaving.

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