Air Repair 101: 4 Troubleshooting Tips When Your AC Is Full Of Hot Air

28 August 2018
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You go to the HVAC vent and feel warm air coming out. What are the causes of your AC blowing out hot air and not cooling your home? It can be due to the lack of maintenance, leaks, and damage to ducts. Usually, finding problems with your air conditioner can be a simple task if you know what to look for. Identifying the problem quickly will make finding and repairing the problem much easier. Here are some tips to help you troubleshoot your AC when it is doing nothing but blowing out hot air.

1. Power Mains, Tripped Breakers, and Faulty Wiring Causing AC Problems

Sometimes, the problem with your air conditioner may be simple and easy to solve on your own. The power main for the AC is usually near the unit, and sometimes this may be turned off on accident. There are other electrical problems that could be the cause of your AC blowing hot air or not working, such as a tripped breaker or faulty wiring. Check the electrical switches, breakers and wiring to make sure that the problem is not a simple issue that could be fixed with just the flip of a switch.

2. Dirty Filters and Ducts Due to Lack of Maintenance Causing AC Inefficiency

Maintenance of air conditioners is something that often gets neglected. The lack of maintenance leads to filters collecting dust and the ducts becoming dirty. This is a problem that will spread throughout the system; eventually causing problems with efficiency, air quality in your home and the AC blowing warm air. Have an AC repair service do routine maintenance to your AC regularly to prevent these problems.

3. Dirt and Dust Causing Parts to Freeze and Damage to The Air Conditioner

The dirt and dust that collects on your air conditioner can be the cause of many problems. As the particles collect on parts of the condensing unit outside, condensation forms and can freeze. This ice causes the AC to not cool, blow out hot air and can cause serious damage to parts like the compressor if it goes unaddressed. Cleaning your AC and routine servicing can help prevent this problem and the costly repairs that freezing causes.

4. Leaks and Worn Parts That Cause Problems with Operation of The Air Conditioner

Over the years, some parts of your AC may just wear out and need to be replace. The parts that need to be repaired or replaced may be electric motors, fan belts or an old compressor. Sometimes, problems like the AC freezing can lead to damage to parts, as well as leaks. When there is a leak, the AC will not have gas to compress and provide cooling, which will require a professional AC repair technician to diagnose the cause and complete repairs.

Troubleshooting your AC will help you quickly find the cause of it blowing hot air and repaired. If your AC is blowing hot air and needs repairs, contact an AC repairs service to get it cooling your home again.