AC Repair Checklist For End Of Summer

2 October 2018
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Your air conditioner should always be serviced at the end of every summer season. This is because you use it every day to maintain the temperatures of your home during the hottest season of the year. Failing to have your air conditioner inspected by a specialist in AC repair can cause it to fail. So, it is important to put in an order for an AC maintenance and repair if you want to keep your AC working all-year-round. The following is the AC repair checklist for the end of summer.  

Check the Air Filter

Your AC's air filter is very important, and it should always checked at the end of the summer season. Checking and repairing the air filter assists in ensuring the durability of the AC unit. A blocked air filter can make your AC unit to over work, consume more energy, and eventually breakdown. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that an AC repair specialist inspects your AC's filter and replaces it at the end of the summer.

Clean the AC Coils As Well As the Drain Line

Blocked AC coils can make your air conditioner to work harder, and it can lead to serious mechanical issues. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the coils are cleaned during scheduled maintenance to prevent the air conditioner from malfunctioning.

Clear Any Barriers Blocking the AC Unit

There is a possibility for plants and debris to grow or accumulate near your outdoor AC unit. Therefore, it is important to ensure that these plants and debris are cleared at the end of the summer season. In case you use hedges to conceal the AC, ensure that they are at a safe distance to prevent obstructions. In addition, things like drapes or curtains should not block the indoor units.

Inspect the Refrigerant

An AC repair specialist should ensure that they check the air conditioner's refrigerant, and test the entire system to make sure that it is intact, and set for the next season. If there were any leaks during the summer season, the specialist should track the source of the leaks and repair them. In addition, in case the air conditioner's refrigerant levels have dropped, the technician should refill it to the recommended levels.


Some air conditioners have moving parts than need to be lubricated. Therefore, it is essential for an AC repair specialist to ensure that these parts are well lubricated to prevent the air conditioner from breaking down.

Contactor and Capacitors

These are very critical parts of an air conditioning system because they are responsible for channeling electricity to your AC unit. During the end of summer repairs, a specialist should inspect the units contactor and capacitors, and check whether they are operating normally.

Once you're done with all this, it's about time to get your heating system set up. Finding the best heating and air conditioning team will help ensure you get the best service to help you out, no matter the season.