How to Make Sure Your Heater Won't Give out This Season

2 October 2018
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Winter is never too far away, which means you are never too far from an extended period of time where you're very reliant on your heater. Unfortunately, like many other homes in the country, you might just be overdue for a heater failure or malfunction.

Heater problems are never fun to deal with especially if they happen during winter. The best way to avoid such failures is to anticipate them and take the measures necessary to avoid them.

Don't Skip Annual Maintenance

It's good practice to have your water heater checked out by a professional at least once every year. These annual sessions offer an opportunity to spot and replace parts that are worn and likely to fail so they can be replaced. Other parts of the heater can also be cleaned or repaired.

Unfortunately, not all homeowners take this annual task as seriously as they should. Just because your heater was checked last year and has operated perfectly since, doesn't mean you can skip this year's maintenance.

Remove Sediment and Debris

The water we use always carry a certain amount of debris even if we can't see it. Additionally, there might be limescale forming on the inside of the pipes. You also can't rule out small amounts of corrosion inside the pipes and the water heater tank. This debris and sediment can lower the system's efficiency and clog other parts of the system. Therefore, you should drain the water several times during the year until the water running out is clear.

Install a Water Softener

One of the main enemies of water heaters is hard water. Hard water causes a buildup of limescale which can cover the inside of the tank and the water heater element. This can eventually cause your water heater to fail and can reduce its lifespan. A water softener can reduce the quantities of the minerals that cause limescale buildup, which is good for your water heater and the rest of your plumbing.

Seek Professional Repairs

Do-it-yourself (DIY) repairs are once reason why many Americans will suffer heater failure at some point this year. The problem with DIY repairs is that they only work for a short period of time. During this time, the problem might be getting worse. If you've recently had to do some emergency repairs on your heater, contact a company like Ronnie Ritchie Service Co Inc to ensure everything is okay.