2 Things To Check To See If You Can Get Your Non-Functioning Refrigerator Working Again

16 April 2019
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When your refrigerator stops working the day that you filled it up right up to the door because you went to the grocery store, you may feel like you want to yank your hair out. You may worry that you are going to be out of all that money if you can't get it working as soon as possible. There are things that you can do to see if you can get it running before you have to call an appliance repair person to come out and work on your refrigerator for you to get it running.  

Check the Plug/Cord

The first thing you should check is the plug and the cord. You want to make sure that the plug is all the way into the outlet. Try wiggling it around to see if there is any space that might have caused the plug to fall out of the outlet. See if it worked to turn your fridge back on. If that doesn't do it, you should also check to see if the cord is all in one piece or if there are any frayed sections to it. If there are frayed sections, you should wait until you can get someone professional to deal with it because messing with electrical stuff can be dangerous if you aren't sure what to do. 

Check the Circuit Breaker

If the plug or cord isn't the problem, then you might want to check the circuit breaker. Refrigerators are often on their own circuits because they can be a large draw on the electrical system, so you might not know if the circuit got tripped because nothing else would show up as off. Checking your circuit breaker is really easy. Just open the box and see if any of the breaker switches are in a different position than the rest of them. If so, just flip it from the off position to the on position. If the breaker immediately trips again, do not reset it because you might have larger problems, either in your electrical system or in the refrigerator. 

If nothing you try works, then you should immediately call an appliance repair company and see if they can get to you ASAP. They will do things like check the condenser and such to make sure that they are in good shape. They will be able to tell if your refrigerator will be able to be repaired or if you need to replace it. In the meantime, invest in coolers and ice for your groceries.