Preparing For Your Commercial HVAC Installation

2 August 2019
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Properly cooling and heating your commercial building is vital for the comfort of your employees and clients. A working system can also protect the building from moisture or temperature-related problems. If your old system is failing, then it's time to schedule a commercial HVAC installation. The following guide will help you prepare.

Prepare the roof

Most commercial HVAC systems are located on the roof. This means that the roof needs to be in good repair before the installers arrive. If your roof hasn't been inspected in a while, do this inspection before upgrading the HVAC system. The roofers will repair any areas where the roof membrane has begun to fail. They will also make sure the drains, particularly those for the HVAC system, aren't clogged and that they are working correctly. Furthermore, the roofers can check the underlying structure of the roof and make any needed repairs. You don't want hidden damage to lead to a roof collapse due to the weight of your new HVAC system.

Schedule a building assessment

Chances are it's been a while since your last system was installed, so changes may have occurred to the building. Even minor upgrades, such as new windows or partitioning off of offices, can affect the size needs of the HVAC system. The HVAC service will send out a technician to do a total assessment of the building, including an inspection of the current duct system to make sure it is in good repair. This is a good time to discuss with them the in-building options available. For example, you can have a system installed that allows you to manage airflow individually by floor instead of controlling it for the entire building, or you may want to have a programmable system that only a building manager can access. The assessment allows you to plan for these extras while also making sure you get a unit that is sized correctly for your heating and cooling needs.

Create an installation plan

Finally, you will need to sit with the contractor and determine an installation plan that will have minimal effects on your day-to-day operations. For businesses that are closed on the weekend, this is the natural choice for installation. If you are open daily, then plan to have the work done during mild weather. Since most of the work takes place on the roof, it won't be too intrusive. By planning the installation in spring, early summer, or fall, you won't have to worry as much about the temperature inside the building while the HVAC system is temporarily out of service during installation.

Having the new system installed can go quickly without intruding on your day-to-day business operations if you take the time to plan and prepare accordingly. Contact a commercial HVAC service provider, like Ables Mechanical, for more help.