A Very Practical Reason To Have Furnace Installation Done Now Instead Of Later

27 May 2020
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It shouldn't be surprising that a furnace service would want you to install your new furnace now, whenever "now" may be, but there is a very practical reason why you should listen to that advice this year and have any home improvement work, including the installation of a new furnace, done now instead of later in the year. While the reason may seem surprising at first, it's a real issue in 2020. This year, of all years, is when you want to do as much preparation as you can. And if you get a new furnace that is in great shape, that will only help you should the rest of 2020 be just as wild as its first few months.

You Don't Know What This Fall Will Be Like

That reason? You just don't know what the rest of 2020 will be like. Plain and simple. The year could get a lot better, or there could be a resurgence of COVID-19 that makes everyone go back into lockdown mode. Other disasters or events could strike. And while that last risk exists in any year, face it -- 2020 has already shown itself to be one of those years where if anything weird is going to happen, there's a much better chance of it happening now.

What that means for you is that, if you need a new furnace, you should have the installation done now, while you know what your financial situation is and you know that the company you want to call is still open. If you wait, you risk another "what now?" type of event interfering with your plans.

Waiting Could Bring Competition Anyway

To be frank, waiting until later in the year would mean that you'd have to compete with a lot of other customers who had waited as well. Again, that can happen in any year, but this year, try to avoid the last-minute rush and have that new furnace in place well before any cool weather appears.

Get It Over With Now

Finally, if you have the furnace installed now, you get the satisfaction of getting the task done, so you don't have to worry about it anymore. That is especially important as you really need to reduce any stress you may face, and knowing that you have one less thing to do -- plus a nice, new furnace that will keep you warm later in the year -- is a comforting thought.

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