Common Air Conditioning Maintenance Strategies That Work In Your Household

22 June 2020
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Businesses and homeowners are at risk of losing a lot of money if they do not maintain their own HVAC systems. Air conditioning maintenance services will be helpful as long as you find a company that can help with some common service calls, as explained below. 

Clean your air conditioner and prevent any corrosion problems

The two C's of air conditioning boil down to cleaning and corrosion. The cleaning part comes down to taking care of the coils so that they don't get packed with dirt and dust. If your outdoor unit also gets packed with debris and dirt, the fan blades won't spin as quickly and you will break down your air conditioning little by little. 

Corrosion is a sign of age that you should avoid at all costs. A bad air conditioning compressor can lead to leaks, which is one of the prime ways that air conditioning corrosion can happen. Switching out an old compressor for a new one can cost you as little as $800 and might cost upwards of about $2,800. You can also grab a wool brush and cleaning solution so that you can remove corrosion in your system before it spreads. 

Keep the air conditioning system lubricated

Every moving system relies on lubrication and fluid to keep things cool and working. If your refrigerant is running low, that will eventually become a big problem with your air conditioner. Refilling your refrigerant will cost you approximately $100-250 or so. You should also regularly lubricate the bearings and other motor parts that are constantly in motion. Something as simple as a water-based lubricant on your fan blades, chains, and other parts will save you money with your air conditioner and will guarantee top performance. 

Disinfect your airways and look for new filters 

Indoor air conditioning lives and dies by the airways and the filters that are in place. Maintaining clean and proper ventilation is one of the best ways to keep viruses and bacteria out of your indoor air. Change filters in your air conditioning system quarterly and every month if you can. 

Always hone in on the best professional air conditioning service so you can keep a reasonable maintenance schedule. Buying a new AC model will cost you between approximately $3,350 and $5,912. Ongoing maintenance will make sure that those replacements are few and far between. 

These keys will help you with air conditioning maintenance.