Air Conditioning Services That Your Home's System May Need

18 March 2021
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The services that an air conditioning contractor will be able to offer you can vary from an installation of a new air conditioning system to routine maintenance for it. In addition to the major services that these contractors can provide, there are a number of other types of assistance that they will be able to offer.

Sealing The Ducting

The ducting that is installed throughout your home can be a source of significant performance issues for the air conditioning system. This is due to the ability of gaps to form between the sections of ducting, and this may allow large amounts of air to leak out. Having an air conditioning contractor seal the ducting in your home will stop the leaks from forming, and this will help to ensure the cooled air is making it to the right areas of the house.

Finding The Source Of Odors

The air conditioning system can have an impact on the air quality of every room in the house. This can lead to situations where odors in the ducting or the air conditioning system itself could cause significant quality of life problems for those in the house. Finding the source of these odors is likely to be a significant priority for you once they develop, but this can be a challenge due to difficulties seeing inside the ducting and the air conditioning system. In many cases, a professional air conditioner contractor may be needed to search the system to find the source of the odors so that they can be neutralized. By using small cameras or other tools, they will be able to effectively assess the areas of the system that you may not be able to see.

Repairing Leaks In The System

A long series of tubes and coils will transport refrigerants throughout the system. This will be able to cool the air that is being circulated by the system. This vital function can be severely disrupted by a puncture or other small leaks in these coils and tubes. In addition to decreasing performance by allowing refrigerant to seep out, this problem can also allow air into the tubing, which will further reduce the cooling capabilities of the system. Repairing these leaks by patching them may be a viable solution to this problem, but it will require the source of the leak to be accurately located. A professional contractor may be able to pressurize the air conditioning system so that any leaks can be more easily found and repaired.