2 Reasons Your Hot Water Isn’t Hot

7 October 2021
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If your water doesn't get hot enough, you may find it hard to get your dishes and clothes clean. And, of course, you can't enjoy a nice hot shower at the end of a long day.

Cold or lukewarm water from the hot water side is a problem that usually occurs due to a few very specific issues. This guide will explain two possible reasons your hot water isn't hot to help you move toward a solution.

1. Water Heater Problems

Naturally, your water heater is the first place to look when you're having problems with your hot water. Check your water heater thermostat gauge or display first, as it may simply be set too low. A faulty thermostat can also cause your water heater to underperform.

The dip tube is the pipe that delivers cold water to your water heater. In most water heaters, the dip tube ends at the bottom of the tank so it can release cold water near the heating elements. If the dip tube is broken, cold water may be pouring into your water heater tank near the top where it cannot be heated properly. Fortunately, both the thermostat and dip tube can be replaced easily and inexpensively on modern water heaters.

2. Tripped Water Heater Breaker

When your water heater trips the breaker, it can be tempting to simply reset the breaker and continue using your hot water. However, even high-wattage appliances like water heaters won't trip their breaker without reason.

Short circuits can occur in a few different ways inside your water heater. Gasket leaks near electrical components can allow water to drip onto circuits and wires. Rarely, a failing heating element may split and expose wiring to the water inside the tank. Alternatively, your thermostat may be malfunctioning and overloading the circuit by running both heating elements at once.

Resetting your water heater breaker occasionally is normal, but take note of how often it's needed. If cold water due to a tripped water heater breaker becomes a frequent problem, you should call a professional to inspect your water heater and ensure there is no fire hazard.

Hot water is a basic necessity in any home, and a lack of hot water isn't a problem you have to live with. Keep these tips in mind, and call local plumbing services if you need an inspection. You can then get to the bottom of your hot water problems.