Air Conditioning Repair Issues And Troubleshooting Tips

13 January 2022
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One of the things you should determine as a homeowner is whether you need to have someone come out to repair your central air conditioner. Any time there are problems going on with it, you should make a call to the repair company quickly. This is the best way for you to avoid worse problems and more costly repairs in the near future. This guide is going to help you troubleshoot so you realize when you do have a repair issue happening that needs to be taken care of. 

Your air conditioner is being noisy

You know how your AC sounds when it's running the way it should. So, you should immediately notice when it is making new noises. If it is louder than normal, then it may need to have some repairs done. One thing you can check is to make sure there isn't a stick or something else that got into the housing of the compressor and is now hitting against the fan, making the noise. This should only be checked when the power to the system is off. If there is something there, then you can just remove it. If you aren't experienced with removing the housing cover, then you may want to leave the entire troubleshooting task up to the technician. Some of the other things that can make noise include the bearings, the belts, and loose parts. 

Your air conditioner isn't cooling the home evenly

If you notice the home isn't being cooled evenly by your central air conditioning system, then you should recognize some things that can cause one room to be warmer than the others. If there is a room the afternoon sun hits directly on, it can cause the room to stay warmer. Having a canopy installed or even having a tree planted to offer shade can help. Also, old weather stripping or single-paned windows can play a role. You can replace the weather stripping and have dual-paned windows installed. However, there are also problems the AC can experience that can cause this. One thing that may cause this issue is having one or more leaks in the ducts. The technician can come out and let you know any and all the things causing this issue and take care of all the repair issues for you. 

Your air conditioner is causing an odor

Things like rodents or even very large insects can get in the ducts and die, causing a foul odor. Mold may end up in the ducts and that can cause a musty odor. Another and more worrisome issue that can cause smells would be an electrical issue going on with the system. These are all things that an air conditioning technician will be able to come to help you out with.

Contact a local AC repair technician to learn more.