When Your AC Is Dead In The Dead Heat

12 May 2022
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So, it's finally happened.

If your air conditioner will not even turn on, there are a few issues you should consider.

Your Circuit Breaker Has an Issue

When the circuit breaker in your home has an issue, such as when it has been tripped, your home might have too many electrical components on. This means your air conditioner is not going to turn on when it is meant to--even if you have your thermostat set.

An AC repair professional can help you with these circuit breaker issues, but often these are issues you can manage on your own by adjusting the breaker at the box. If the issue keeps occurring, you may need to have a professional look at it. This could be an issue with your home's electricity or even a simple fuse.

The Weather Has Impacted Your System

The weather can impact your air conditioning system, which can cause a need for repair. For example, you could notice that your outdoor unit has iced over, meaning that your unit is unable to turn on at all. The ice could cause a layer to develop over several components. Even in the summer, your unit could be impacted by ice that froze your system months ago.

This is an issue that an air conditioning repair professional can help you with. Often, the issue is as simple as cleaning the unit or clearing away debris. In some cases, components may require replacement or repair after an issue with ice or other types of bad weather.

The AC Unit Is Dirty

Most people do not think to clean their air conditioning units, but the truth is that they need to be cleaned every so often to keep the unit turning on. Debris gets caught in the system and slowly makes it less and less efficient. Eventually, the unit is not going to turn on.

An AC repair professional can help you get your unit back to square one so that it turns on and is working as efficiently as it is supposed to. You should not try to clean your unit on your own, as it may cause more problems.

AC Won't Turn On? You Need a Professional

A professional will help you get your AC back in working order. You will find that it is frustrating when your unit does not turn on at all, which is why an AC repair professional should be your next call. Contact an AC repair professional to learn more about why your unit isn't even turning on.