The Benefits Of Signing Up For An AC Service Contract

30 November 2022
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When you have a new air conditioner installed, your installer will often ask you if you want to sign up for an AC service contract. Under such a contract, you'll generally get routine care and maintenance, sometimes along with a discount on repairs. Should you sign up for such a contract? In most cases, doing so is a good idea because it comes with the following benefits.

Your AC system will last longer.

Air conditioners and the associated equipment last longer when cared for properly. For instance, an AC unit is less likely to break down if the condensate drain is cleaned regularly and the fan motor is lubricated. While you can have this maintenance done without a service contract, the fact is, many homeowners forget to have it done. If you already have a service contract, then you'll be reminded to schedule your maintenance appointments. Your AC will therefore receive better maintenance over the years, which will help it last longer with less need for repairs.

Repairs will be made sooner.

Some small issues with air conditioners develop over time. For instance, ball bearings in the motor will slowly become more worn due to friction. When you have a maintenance contractor come out regularly, these problems will be noticed sooner, which also means they'll be repaired sooner. The small problems will then have less of a chance to worsen and develop into bigger problems, which are more expensive to repair.

You won't have to call around to find a contractor.

When you sign an AC maintenance contract, you're basically "locking in" that contractor's time. When something does go wrong with your system, or when you simply need regular maintenance, you then know who to call. You won't have to spend the afternoon calling company after company to find someone to work on your AC.

The same company will service your unit, again and again.

HVAC contractors get to know the systems they work on over time. When you sign up for a maintenance contract, the same company — and often the same person — will service your AC unit. They'll take notes, reference those notes, and use the history of the system to inform them of the best care and maintenance principles.

Service contractors work well for many homeowners with air conditioning. Talk to your AC contractor to learn more about the specific terms of their service contract and schedule. For more information on residential air conditioning servicing, contact a professional near you.