Repairing Common Air Conditioner Problems

15 February 2023
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Air conditioners can occasionally break down, and this can cause your home to become uncomfortable. For any homeowner, a general understanding of the common types of AC failures can be valuable for keeping their home comfortable.

Interior Water Damage to the AC Unit

Water damage can be a common issue for an AC system to experience. When there are large amounts of water inside the unit, it can cause substantial problems with rust, mold, and obstructions. A clogged drain line is the most common reason for an AC unit to experience interior flooding. When this drain line becomes clogged, it can result in the unit quickly filling with water during heavy downpours. Water may also accumulate in the system over time due to condensation forming. When the unit runs, it produces large amounts of condensation that may quickly fill it. Removing the clog from the drain line is essential for letting it drain. However, if the unit has flooded, an interior inspection is needed to assess it for damage.

Faulty or Malfunctioning Expansion Valve

Your air conditioning system must effectively regulate its refrigerant if the unit is to function optimally. The expansion valve helps in this process as it controls the pressure of the refrigeration as it enters the evaporator system. A faulty expansion valve can radically reduce the performance of the AC unit as the refrigerant may not effectively release the heat it absorbed during the cooling process. Weak cooling is the most obvious sign of this problem because the refrigerant will retain much of the residual heat it absorbed.

Damaged Vent Fins

The AC unit will need substantial airflow to cool the air in your home. A series of vents on the exterior unit provides this airflow to the system. Not surprisingly, damage to these vents can severely affect the unit. When these vents warp or bend, they obstruct the air flowing into the system. If the damage to the vent fins is limited to light warping, there are tools to bend them back into the proper position. Restoring the airflow with more severe damage may require replacing the panel that holds the vent fins.

Electrical Problems with the AC System

There are many ways electrical problems can impact your AC system. Inconsistent power connections can be the most common. This issue causes AC units periodically stop and stutter while they are running. Another source of electrical problems can be power surges. These surges have the potential to destroy the electrical components of the unit. Unfortunately, electrical surges can result in the entire unit needing to be replaced.

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