Estimating The Cost Of An A/C Replacement: What Is Involved

13 July 2023
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Air conditioning is one of the largest appliances in a home, so when it comes to replacing one of these units, it is fair to say that cost is a major concern. As such, most people want to know how much to budget for replacement costs. Unfortunately, this process has no precise number, as several variables are involved. However, learning more about what goes into estimating the cost of a replacement can at least help you get started on the right path.

Capacity Changes

Consider whether or not you are simply swapping out your old, dated air conditioning for an updated model or upgrading to a unit with a different capacity setting. If the capacity rating of the replacement unit is greater, you can expect a larger investment. For example, a home going from a single air conditioning to two would expect a larger investment due to the increased capacity.

Electrical Modifications

Depending on the age of your existing air conditioning unit, there could be expenses involved with modifying your home's electrical connections. An upgrade from an older unit to a new one might require updates to the thermostat's wiring to increase efficiency. While newer units tend to be more energy efficient, they sometimes require an update to the breaker box so the electrical system can withstand the unit's demand. The latter is especially common when upgrading from one to two units. 


In homes requiring an update to the air conditioning, a new unit is only a portion of the solution to any cooling concerns. Sometimes, the ductwork should also be updated. Ideally, you want to have any issues with the ductwork corrected at the same time the unit is replaced, such as if it is undersized for the home's size. Additionally, air conditioning units have different airflow needs, so an update might be required to ensure optimal performance with the new unit. 

System Updates

In addition to airflow needs, specific units require certain features that every homeowner does not necessarily have installed. For example, if someone decides to add zones to their new system, the unit will need to be configured to do so, dampers will need to be installed, and new thermostats in each zone, all of which add to the investment. New line set protection to protect the refrigerant and a condensation pump might also be required depending on the new system's configuration. 

For the most accurate assessment of how much you should budget for a replacement, speak with your air conditioning technician for assistance. 

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